Eyebrow embroidery (also known as microblading) is a form of light tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, embroidery consists of inserting pigment under your skin with a manual handheld tool, instead of a machine.

Eyebrow embroidery is a treatment that suits everyone. It is also particularly helpful for those who may have lost their eyebrows due to health reasons.

This brow treatment is a three–part process. Our price includes all three stages of this process.

Stage 1 : Full Consultation & Patch Test

The first part of the process is to arrange a full consultation with our specialist. Our professionally trained technician is here to help you achieve the look you desire, and we will offer our recommendations every step of the way.

A patch test is performed as part of your consultation, this is to ensure you do not have any reaction to the pigment, or the anaesthetic being used during the treatment.

Stage 2 : First Treatment

An outline of the brow shape will be drawn using an eyebrow pencil. No treatment will begin until you have agreed a shape you are happy with. This template can be adjusted however many times you wish.

As with any permanent make-up treatments, the area will look 40-50% darker than the colour you have chosen in the consultation, this will fade within 2 to 4 weeks to reveal your new eyebrows.

Stage 3 : Top-Up Appointment

A second appointment is required four weeks after your first treatment. This will involve adding more pigment to the brow area. Every person heals differently, and some pigment may not hold as well as others across the brow, there may be a few patches that require additional colour. This is completely normal, but whatever the case, we strongly advise that you return to the clinic for your retouch appointment and to achieve the most out of your eyebrow embroidery treatment.


Check out our FAQ and seek all information you require about your eyebrow embroidery treatment.